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7 Benefits of Gummed Tape

The history of gummed tape throughout the years is fairly fascinating since it was on its last leg until Amazon, the ecommerce giant, started using the product to seal their boxes. There certainly are numerous benefits to using gummed tape, which is why an increasing number of companies are using it.


1.     Deteriorates and ages slower than standard packaging tape

The shelf life of gummed tape is longer than tape made of plastic since the film is made of paper. Depending on the kind of standard tape, it can either start to yellow or the adhesive will start to degrade. None of this concerns gummed tape due to the fact that to be able to activate the glue, water needs to be applied to it.


2.     Gummed tape is 100% recyclable and biodegradable

Since gummed tape is made of paper, it can be left on a box after it has been applied to it and recycled altogether. The adhesive is made of vegetable glue, which makes it fully water-soluble. For those who are more concerned about the environment, they will be happy to know that no solvents are used while manufacturing gummed tape. Also, the product breaks down fairly easily once recycled.


3.     Varying product options

There are different kinds of gummed tape: reinforced and non reinforced. Reinforced gummed tape has fiberglass strands within it to make it stronger and tear resistant. If there is no need for this, there is the option to have it without the strands but it can be cut through more effortlessly.


4.     Stand out with gummed tape

It is rather simple to print your logo or message on gummed tape. One thing to keep in mind is that the colors need to be adjusted due to the natural brown of gummed paper tape. But once tape is customized, it will stick out and aid in marketing efforts.


5.     Temperature and humidity resistant

Again unlike other standard packaging tape, there is no need to worry about custom printed tape and its application in various environments. The tape will still bind very well no matter the conditions it is applied in. Also during transportation, gummed tape will stay stuck through the roughest situations.


6.     Binds to any box

When gummed tape is used to seal packages, it does not matter how much recycled material the box is made of. It will bind to it very well once the adhesive has dried. When boxes are overstuffed, be advised that due to the fact that the adhesive is wet, the strip of tape will shift a bit and it would be best to hold it down until the adhesive has dried. During shipping, it is possible that other heavier boxes be placed on top of your package; that is why it is best to avoid under stuffing boxes since the tape can unbind. Although the likelihood of this happening with gummed tape is pretty low.


7.     Zero Waste

For those of you already using gummed tape, it is easy to measure the exact length needed when sealing boxes. And there is no need to double tape boxes either since one strip of gummed tape is enough.


There are many great benefits with the use of gummed tape. The only downfall is the fact that it is the tricky to apply. When you are manually applying the tape, it can get messy and would need some accuracy to seal.