Basic Steps to Ordering Custom Printed Labels

To print your logo on labels: We will require a copy of your logo (click on Instructions for Artwork). Our team of graphic designers can help in designing labels to meet your specific needs.


In order to place a label order, you will have to consider the following elements:


1. What will you be using this label for? What surface will the labels be applied to, and what handling conditions will it be required to withstand?


2. What size do you want the label to be, and must it be that exact size?


3. What shape?

  • Square

  • Rectangle

  • Oval

  • Circle

  • other

4. What quantity do you need?


5. If this is a printed label:

  • What base stock (paper or synthetic – for indoor or outdoor use?)

  • What base color (white or other?)

  • How many print colors?

  • Bar coded, variable printed (e.g. consecutive numbering)

6. If this is a non-printed label:

  • Is this label to be overprinted:

  • Dot matrix

  • Termal transfer

  • Written on by hand

7. Type of adhesive – what will label be adhered to; temperature factors:

  • Permanent

  • Removable

8. Label finishing:

  • Plain

  • U.V. varnish

  • U.V. printable varnish (for overprinting)

  • Lamination (adds gloss and durability protection to paper labels

9. Packaging:

  • Rolls

  • Sheets

  • Fan folded

  • Other

Rest assured that we will gladly help you to make the

best, most economical decisions, based on your budget

and application requirements.