Introducing... Extreme Weather Tape

Works like a charm in both Cold & Humid environments!

Warehouses and storage facilities are subject to extreme temperatures and changes in humidity. As you prepare for winter you should also be aware that your packaging tape might also need to change.

Our 816 tape with the world’s best 25 micron Rohm & Haas acrylic adhesive is guaranteed to keep those cartons sealed beautifully regardless of how cold or humid your facility becomes.

  Acrylic adhesive is the most versatile
  • It will not fail when the temperature drops inside or the environment becomes excessively humid
  • The tape cures onto the carton and stays on strong
  • Available for hand held dispensers (48mm x 100m) or machine length rolls (48mm x 914m)

Our prices are so great, you will be amazed. Call now for a quote and prepare to be stuck on this new product for a long time to come!

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