Kraft Gummed Tape

Prisma offers top quality regular-duty Custom Printed Kraft Reinforced Gummed Tape in 3" (72mm) width in a variety of popular lengths.


We provide popular lengths from 115m, 137m, 150m, 175m and 183m to suit your customers’ packaging needs. Kraft Reinforced Gummed Tape works well in all environments. Reinforced gummed tape is strong and once it is fully dried the tape becomes an integral feature of the carton, and is virtually impossible to remove without damaging the box. This security feature is an added benefit of choosing gummed tape.


Currently the gummed tape is only available with custom printing (1-3 colours). At Prisma, we take pride in the precision and clarity of every roll.  The water activated gummed tape is packaged in boxes of 10 coreless rolls which are used in conjunction with Water Activated Dispensers. These dispensers are available online through many distribution channels.

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