Reverse Printable Acrylic Poly 28 & 30

Production Grade 28 & 30 Micron Printable Clear Acrylic BOPP Tape

A polypropylene film coated with an all-weather, high and low temperature-resistant, ultra clear emulsion based acrylic adhesive. Product is also non-yellowing and long aging. This production grade tape offers excellent performance in the toughest hot and cold temperature conditions, and provides an excellent alternative to hotmelts for their adhesive properties on highly recycled boxes.

Product Code Colors Available Sizes
Acrylic 28 or 30 Clear All sizes available upon request
Standard lengths: 66m/100m/132m/ 914m
Standard widths: 48mm / 72mm


Color Backing Film Thickness Tensile Strength Elongation At Break Adhesion To Steel Adhesive Temperature Range
Clear BOPP 30 micron 28 lbs/in. 90-100% 28 oz/in. Water-based emulsion acrylic Application: 32°F to 150°F / 0°C to 66°C
Operation: -30°F to 170°F / -35°C to 77°C

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