High Security Tamper Evident Tape When there can be no doubt!

Tamper evident high security tapes are designed to reveal a tamper-evident message “VOID /OPENED” when removal from a surface is attempted. The residue left behind once the tape is removed is virtually impossible to erase, and is also resistant to hot and cold temperature extremes. Both the visible and hidden messages can be customized FOR AN EXTRA COST. The tape is available in BLUE ONLY. We also carry another version of this tape in RED ONLY that is sequentially numbered every 6" and perforated so it can be used like a label as well for full security and immediate identification.


Tamper evident high security tapes are suitable for application on a variety of clean, dry surfaces such as stainless steel, painted metal, polyester, PVC, and glass. Surfaces must be clean of dirt, oil, grease and other contaminants.


The need for Tamper evident high security tape exists in many businesses such as financial institutions, jewellery, lottery, governmental, corporate security, couriers and many more. This product is there to protect your merchandise.


Be sure your customers packages arrive without incident, as this tape will leave no doubt that the box has been opened or remained sealed.


Type Colors Available Sizes
Starburst Blue 50mm x 50m
Sequentially Numbered - Perforated Red 50mm x 75m
Sequentially Numbered Red 50mm x 75m

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