Custom Printed Tape

If your company is still spending its valuable resources on printed boxes, it’s definitely time to rethink your packaging strategy. Printed boxes are costly, and provide limited security in the protection of your products. Consider how many dollars are lost daily in your business due to damage, loss, and pilferage. Printed tape is the ideal, practical solution to all your packaging needs.

  • Printed – Print colors are vibrant and highly noticeable
  • Rolls – Reduces inventory costs – eliminates the need to carry large inventories of printed boxes
  • Identification – Easily identifiable and traceable method for shipping, storage, and for product identification
  • Security – Tamper-evident – noticeable when cut, and cannot be removed or replaced without detection
  • Messages – Can alert or warn of important handling requirements
  • Advertising – Marketing and advertising tool to reinforce your brand visibility

With so many advantages, custom printed tape really is the absolute best, cost-efficient solution designed to meet all your packaging and security needs. Prints are crisp, clear, and vivid, and can be done in up to 3 colors at a time.


Available on standard clear, white and tan hotmelt polypropylene, solvent based PVC tape, clear acrylic polypropylene, or, on custom colored tape.


All tapes available in all standard widths (18mm – 144mm) and lengths,

and can be custom sized to any specifications


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