PVC Produce Bundling Tape

A UPVC film tape coated with a solvent-based rubber adhesive. This product is available in 5 different colors making it an ideal closure system for identification, security, sealing, date coding, and inventory control applications. PVC produce bundling tape is also highly practical for bag closure of products such as breads, fish, produce and other foods. Our 605K and 606K model dispensers make bag closures simple!

Product Code Prisma Code Colors Available Sizes Rolls Per Case
PVC Bundling 224 White 9mm x 165m 96
PVC Bundling 231 Red 9mm x 165m 96
PVC Bundling 241 Yellow 9mm x 165m 96
PVC Bundling 251 Light Green 9mm x 165m 96
PVC Bundling 261 Dark Blue 9mm x 165m 96


Color Backing Film Thickness Tensile Strength Elongation At Break Adhesion To Steel Adhesive Temperature Range
Red, Lt. Green, Yellow, Dark Blue, White, Clear UPVC 37 micron 115 N/25mm 55% 210g/cm Solvent-based natural rubber Application: 35°F to 150°F / 2°C to 66°C
Operation: -10°F to 180°F / -20°C to 80°C

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