Cellulose Pressure Sensitive Tape

Cellophane tapes have the tensile strength and working temperatures of polyester film tapes. Ideal for stationary purposes, gift-wrapping, closing packaged apparel (such as shirts and hosiery), and even temporary hemming for garment manufacturing. The tape film has a slight yellow cast which darkens with aging. This tape is also sensitive to humidity and moisture.

Product Code Colors Available Sizes Rolls Per Case
11342 Clear on 1" core 12mm x 66m 180
11343 Clear on 1" core 19mm x 66m 120
11344 Clear on 1" core 25mm x 66m 90


Product Code Color Backing Film Thickness Tensile Strength Elongation At Break Adhesion To Steel Adhesive Temperature Range
Clear Regenerated Cellulose 31 Micron 115 N/25mm 17% 4.5 N/25mm Solvent-based Rubber Application: 55°F to 100°F / 13°C to 38°C
Operation: 40°F to 200°F / 5°C to 93°C

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