Frequently Asked Questions – Stock Printed Labels

Q. What is the minimum order for stock printed labels?

A. Our minimum for our stock labels is 1 roll, and most rolls are 500 labels per roll.



Q. What kinds of label stock does Prisma carry?

A. Our current standard stocks are white semi-gloss and red fluorescent, with a general-purpose permanent adhesive. Other stock combinations are available upon request. Please contact us with your custom label requirements.



Q. What does the term “Pressure Sensitive” mean?

A. The term “pressure sensitive” means that the adhesive is already activated when the release liner is removed and is ready to be applied to the surface. It is beneficial to apply pressure to assist the adhesive to bond adequately.



Q. What label colors are available?

A. We currently offer our stock label program on red fluorescent and white semi-gloss stocks. We also have other fluorescent colors (orange, yellow, green & pink) available.



Q. What label finishes are available?

A. Our standards are semi-gloss and fluorescent finishes. Smudge-proof finishes are available for applications designed to be written on with permanent markers.



Q. What is the difference between die cut labels and butt cut labels?

A. Die cut labels have a space between and around each label. This space makes die cut labels ideal for both automatic and manual applications. Butt cut labels run continuously so that there are no spaces between the labels. Click to see examples: Die cut or butt cut.



Q. Does Prisma have any industry-specific certifications that may be relevant to my business?

A. Yes. Prisma is an Authorized Label (& Tape) supplier for Underwriters’ Laboratories (UL & ULC) in both the United States & Canada. For product labeling that requires UL/ULC certification, we are one of the select companies in this category. Also, we are authorized by the Canadian Food Inspection Agency to reproduce the Meat Inspection Legend, which is a national trademark issued by the Government of Canada for the Meat Packing Industry.