Frequently Asked Questions – Custom Printed Labels

Q. What is the minimum order for custom printed labels?

A. Our minimum dollar value is $300 (this amount does not include the costs of artwork and plates.)



Q. How many labels are on a standard size roll?

A. The label size and usage often determines the quantity of labels per roll. Please specify your requirements (if any) on your quotation request.



Q. What kinds of label stock does Prisma carry?

A. We have access to a variety of products from many of the leading label stock manufacturers. Prisma will combine the perfect combination of face material, adhesive, and release liners to offer solutions to fit your requirements.



Q. What does the term “Pressure Sensitive” mean?

A. The term “pressure sensitive” means that the adhesive is already activated when the release liner is removed and is ready to be applied to the surface. It is beneficial to apply pressure to assist the adhesive to bond adequately.



Q. What label colors are available?

A. We offer a wide variety of standard, custom and fluorescent colors as well as a variety of finishes that will meet virtually any and all of your requirements. Just give us a call and we will help you define the details and provide you with the best solution within your budget.



Q. What label finishes are available?

Virtually any requirement can be met. For example, we offer smudge-resistant, thermal transfer, laser or computer printable top coatings, to name just a few. We can also offer a variety of press possibilities such as laminations, matte, gloss or chemically treated resistant varnishes. Whatever your needs are, we can meet them.



Q. How many colors can be printed on any one label?

A. We currently offer up to 6 colors, and back-to-back printing is also possible. We can also provide process printing upon request.



Q. How long does it take to process an order for printed labels?

A. Once you have signed the artwork approval, processing of orders usually takes approximately 10 business days, plus delivery lead times.



Q. What are standard label sizes?

A. Our growing diet cut list can usually accommodate most common sizes. We can also offer butt cut labels up to 10” wide in various lengths.



Q. What is the difference between die cut labels and butt cut labels?

A. Die cut labels have a space between and around each label. This space makes die cut labels ideal for both automatic and manual applications. Butt cut labels run continuously so that there are no spaces between the labels. Click to see examples: Die cut or butt cut.



Q. Does Prisma have any industry-specific certifications that may be relevant to my business?

A. Yes. Prisma is an Authorized Label (& Tape) supplier for Underwriters’ Laboratories (UL & ULC) in both the United States & Canada. For product labeling that requires UL/ULC certification, we are one of the select companies in this category. Also, we are authorized by the Canadian Food Inspection Agency to reproduce the Meat Inspection Legend, which is a national trademark issued by the Government of Canada for the Meat Packing Industry.



Q. We are a member of another association that requires specific authorization for printing – can Prisma help us with our printing needs?

A. Just advise us of your needs and we will make every effort possible to assist you.



Q. How do I go about getting my logo or message printed on labels?

A. Just click on Basic Steps to Ordering Custom Printed Labels for a summary on how it all happens.



Q. Does Prisma sell plain, non-printed labels?

A. Yes we do. Anything that can be printed is also available without printing.