Frequently Asked Questions – Stock & Custom Printed Tape

Q. What is the minimum order for custom or stock printed tape?

A. 1 case (Note: for reverse print, minimum order is 5 cases; for flood prints, minimum order is 5 cases.)



Q. What kinds of tape does Prisma carry?

A. Hotmelt, acrylic and solvent based rubber Polypropylene, UPVC, Produce Bundling, Cellulose on one-inch core, Reinforced water activated gum tape and security tapes.



Q. What does the term “Pressure Sensitive” mean?

A. The term refers to anything adhesive, that derives its stickiness from applying pressure.



Q. Which tape does the most effective job for carton sealing?

A. While all our carton sealing tapes will do the job effectively, each product excels in its own right for specific applications. To assess which products would best suit your needs, just click on Tape characteristics chart, and/or Tape Recommendation Guide.



Q. What tape colors are available?

A. Tape is available in white, tan, clear, yellow, red, green, blue and black.



Q. How many colors can be printed on any one tape?

A. We can currently print up to 3 different colors on any one tape, and we will be looking at the ability to add additional colors in the future.



Q. What are the advantages to using printed tape to seal my boxes?

A. While there are so many advantages to using printed tape, we’ve narrowed it down for easy reading. Just click on 10 Advantages to Using Printed Tape for a summary of the best reasons.



Q. How long does it take to process an order for custom printed tape?

A. Once you have signed the artwork approval, processing of orders usually takes 2-3 weeks.



Q. How long does it take to process an order for stock printed tape?

A. We keep inventory on high demand tapes, and others may take up to 2-3 weeks to process.



Q. What are standards lengths and widths of tape?

A. Most customers order 2” (48mm) or 3” (72mm) tape width, at standard lengths of 72 Yds. (66M), 110 Yds. (110M), or 144 Yds. (132M), but we can slit rolls to virtually any width and length to meet your needs.



Q. How do I go about getting my logo or message printed on tape?

A. It’s simple. Just click on Basic Steps to Ordering Custom Printed Tape for a step-by-step summary on how it all happens.



Q. Does Prisma have any industry-specific certifications that may be relevant to my business?

A. Yes. Prisma is an Authorized Label (& Tape) supplier for Underwriters’ Laboratories (UL & ULC) in both the United States & Canada. For product labeling that requires UL/ULC certification, we are one of the select companies in this category. Also, we are authorized by the Canadian Food Inspection Agency to reproduce the Meat Inspection Legend, which is a national trademark issued by the Government of Canada for the Meat Packing Industry.



Q. We are a member of another association that requires specific authorization for printing – can Prisma help us with our printing needs?

A. Just advise us of your needs and we will make every effort possible to assist you.



Q. Does Prisma sell plain, non-printed tape for sealing cartons?

A. Anything that can be printed is also available without printing. For a list of the variety of tapes available and their various characteristics that would best suit your needs, click on Tape Characteristics Chart.



Q. Are there any additional charges for printed tape?

A. There is a one-time plate charge of $140 (Canadian) per color for your initial order. Prisma will provide you with an artwork proof for your approval before going to press, to assure your complete satisfaction.