At Prisma, we carry an entire suite of specialty tapes, and have access to some of the finest products in the world from 3M, Tesa, Vibac, Berry Covalence, Nashua, Secure Applications and Seal King. If we don’t have it in stock we can order it for you. Just tell us the application, or the type you need and we will help you fulfill all of your specialty tape requirements.

Below are our most popular items, however, we also stock and order:

  • Flatback, Sheathing, Adhesive Transfer, Double Coated, Image Transfer Security,Gaffers, Soft Vinyl lane marking and identification, Surface protection, splicing, heat activated film and a host of other types of tape. Just Ask !

Masking Tape

  • We carry in stock both Vibac and 3M in a variety of types for different applications. Please contact us for help in choosing the product if you are not familiar with the model numbers. Available in 12, 18, 24, 36, 48 and 72 mm widths. All rolls are 55m in length

199 Utility Tan masking tape 4.0 mil, 203 General Purpose Tan masking tape 4.7 mil, 205 Green Industrial Painters Tape 5.0 mil. We have access to the entire 3M line of masking tapes, so call us for more details.

218/219 Tan/Yellow General purpose masking tape 5.0 mil. 220 Tan Painters masking tape 5.2 mil. 226 Green masking tape 5.35 mil.

Filament Tape & Strapping Tape

  • We carry in stock, a variety of products from Vibac, 3M and Tesa. Widths include 9, 12, 18, 24, 36, 48 and 72mm. The Suppliers sell their lengths primarily as 55m, but this can vary.

900 U-D Unidirectional fiberglass reinforced filament tape 3.9 mil.

920 C-D Cross Weaved Fiberglass reinforced filament tape Heavy Duty 5.1 mil.

101/1-3/108 Tensilized strapping tape in 3 different colours.


8932 General purpose unidirectional fiberglass reinforced filament tape 4.3 mil

8934 Increased strength unidirectional fiberglass reinforced filament tape 4.0 mil.


Nopi and Tesa Branded tensilized strapping tapes.

Duct Tape

9.0 Mil contractors grade PE Coated Cloth Duct tape. Black, Silver and White. Available 12, 24, 36, 48, 72, 96mm x 55m

7.0 Mil and 9.0 Mil thickness available. Black and Silver. 36,48,72mm x 55m

Double Coated Tapes

4965 White Film & 4970 Clear Film, Always in stock. We can cut to width, and we also carry pre-cut widths.

9087 White Film &9088FL Clear Film. We cut to width.

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